Hanley 4-H Beef Club 2017

The Hanley 4-H Beef Club is pleased to be returning to hold our annual Achievement Day on Saturday, June 17, 2017 in conjunction with the Hanley Agricultural Fair. We extend an invitation to everyone attending the Fair to join us for all or part of the day. Our 4-H members are excited to showcase their projects including demonstrating showmanship and grooming skills, exhibiting their animals, and displaying their record books. 

Our schedule for the day includes: 


Judging Demo 

Judging Classes/Oral Reasons 


Welcome, Pledge, Introduction 

Grooming Classes

Heifer Classes  

Cow/Calf Classes

Cloverbud (6-8 years)

Avery Bohrson  

Leah Boot  

Emmett Rink  

Noah Rink

Junior (9-12 years)

Colt Blacklock  

Waylon Blacklock 

Sienna Bohrson  

Alex Dickinson  

Kiaran Dickinson 

Cohen Haaland 

Callie Steen  

Lane Steen  

Tate Vermette  

Kylie Willms  

Owen Willms

Intermediate (13-15 year)

Riley Bohrson 

Chase Bruynooghe  

Cadence Haaland  

Leah Libke  

Hayes Vermette

Senior (16-21 year)

Colton Dolman  

Calina Evans  

Shelby Evans  

Kennedi Libke  

Tyson Ringdal  

Morgan Taylor  

Wylie Vermette